Start following this weight loss diet plan,Decide how much weight you need to lose Weight

Start following this weight loss diet plan,Decide how much weight you need to lose diet plan for weight loss by Dr.Khurram Mushir- Being over weight and increase your weight by time by time you notice is a major problem women have to Now these days. The major cause of not have a good and proper healthy diet plan it is the inactive lifestyle while we still have the diet of a active lifestyle just going to work and also work in home like cloths wash and not have time for proper food diet. It is only wise to let go of the bad eating habits and follow a weight loss diet plan. Dr.Khurram Mushir most famous in media channel has shared with a great weight loss diet plan. Being overweight is a major problem women have to now these days. The major cause of it is the inactive lifestyle while we still have the diet of a active lifestyle not have time for exercise and other healthy activities that’s why over weight problems create. It is only wise to let go of the bad eating habits and follow a weight loss diet plan. Dr.Khurram Mushir has shared with a great weight loss diet plan.


diet plan for weight loss Follow this weight loss diet plan Dr.Khurram Mushir and watch yourself came back in shape.



For Breakfast in early wake up : Brown bread with poached egg and tea or coffee without sugar because sugar have lots of overweight natural ingredients that’s why and sugar make with sugar cane.
 For Lunch at home or office : Steamed or poached fish or chicken piece with steamed vegetables or raw salad.
 For Dinner night rest then sleep: Again steamed or poached fish or chicken piece with steamed vegetables or raw salad.
 For Oily Food who like ghee : If you still crave for oily food then allow yourself to have it only once a week.  Overall completely avoid oil, fats and sugar.
 For Snacks shakes: If you feel hungry in between the meal times, just have a handful of fruits or nuts and not a piece more.
 For Hot Beverage drinks: Instead of drinking tea or coffee during the day as a hot beverage, drink diet tea. Prepare a day’s diet tea and keep it in a flask.
For Diet Tea dr khurram prefer : Boil 6 cups of water with 1.5″ cinnamon stick, 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste, 1/4 teaspoon nigella seeds, 1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds and 1/4 teaspoon carom seeds. Turn off the heat and shift to a teapot. Add 3 teaspoon of green tea to it, cover and let it rest for 4-5 minutes.
For Losing Bulge cardio exercise : It is important to do a cardio exercise along with following the weight loss diet plan to loose that bulge. Do a cardio exercise every morning and evening.
Start a cardio + weights workout : A healthy weight loss programme is incomplete without a good exercise routine, and weight training mixed with cardio is the best way to lose weight. Of course, variations and forms exist, but any workout that stresses on muscle tone and increased heart rate will always help you lose weight and keep it off. You can either start a home workout today, or rely on gyms for fitness training.

Weight Loss Diet Plan: You don’t have to buy expensive machines or put yourself in pain to loose that bulge. Make good use of the near by park and run a kilometer a day, then ride a bicycle in the evening or the next day.  This works specially on your belly and thighs and keeps your heart healthy. If you cannot run then walk as fast as you can. Running, bicycling and waking fast are the best weight loss cardio exercises. Start following this weight loss diet plan, along with diet tea and cardio exercise and watch yourself come back in shape. Please consult your doctor before undertaking any diet.


Gajar ka halwa recipe in urdu These includes Sugar Free Gajar ka Halwa,

Sweet Dessert Gajar ka halwa :

Gajar ka halwa recipe in urdu These includes Sugar Free Gajar ka Halwa, Carrot-Papaya Halwa, Red Velvet Carrot Halwa, Carrot and Beetroot Halwa, cheese Gajar ka halwa, Khajur Gajar ka Halwa and Carrot Dessert.very high demand in when rainy or cold weather its very healthy for life.

Start prepare Gajar ka halwa There are many variations of Gajar ka Halwa lal Gajar ka halwa but the main ingredients are freshly grated carrots, milk, sugar and ghee. The quantity and quality may vary according to personal taste. In the sugar free variant, sugar will be excluded from the recipe.For cooking of Gajar ka halwa, a cooker is best but also we use kadai are usually preferred. First of all carrots must be grated and then dried before cooking and washed with water. Then the grated carrot is put in a heated pan with a specific amount of milk or khoya and sugar. After stirring for 4–5 minutes, roughly chopped cashew nuts are added and 10–15 minutes later a specific amount of pure ghee is added.Finally it is often served with a garnish of almonds and pistachios. Gajar ka Halwa is a light and popular dessert in most regions of South asia and include India and appreciated worldwide. Regional/seasonal ingredients are often added to the dish which leads its many variations. I have other idea to make sugar Free Gajar ka Halwa is prepare for diabetic patient  nothing but a sugar free variation of the traditional Gajar ka Halwa. The idea to make it sugar-free was developed because there are a large number of diet conscious diabeticsin Indiaand world over preferring to avoid/reduce sugar in their dietIn this variation of Gajar ka Halwa if they eaten gajar ka halwa with sugar then they got a problem with his health that’s why sugar is removed from the recipe and some more milk is added while the quantity of other contents remains the same. It takes only three-forths of the time to prepare compared to traditional Gajar ka Halwa.

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Other recipes of Carrot :

Carrot-Papaya Halwa equal amounts of carrot and papaya are used. First  a mixture of carrot and papaya scrapings is prepared. This mixture is fried in a kadai or a cooker with ghee for about 5 minutes. The rest of the process is same as the basic recipe. This recipe has become popular lately because papaya is added to it which provides a different flavor and taste compared to the regular Gajar ka halwa.[20] Red Velvet carrot Halwa is another famous variation of the Gajar ka Halwa. It is made by heating a comparatively large amount of milk cream along with carrots, sugar, rose water and saffron over low flame. Red Velvet Carrot Halwa is also a vary good source of Vitamin A and Calcium. The Gajar ka Halwa is prepared traditionally in Indian Kadai. Jaipur, Hyderabad and Mumbai are Indian cities famous for good varieties of Gajar ka Halwa.


Carrot and Beetroot Halwa, Cheese Gajar ka halwa, Khajur Gajar ka Halwa and Carrot Dessert are the other variations of Gajar ka Halwa. In public awareness these variations are less popular comparative to traditional Gajar ka Halwa. All of these variations are differently popular based upon regional/personal preferences. In the Carrot and beetroot Halwa, specific amounts of grated beetroot is added to grated carrots and this mixture is heated in a kadai on a low flame and further a specific amount of mava and sugar per choice is added to it. After 30 minutes of stirring and cooking, Carrot and Beetroot Halwa is ready to be served. Cheese Gajar ka Halwa is prepared with a combination of Purple carrots and Ricotta Cheese. This dish is popular in northern India because purple carrots are mostly grown there.

Complete solution loaded with fantastic information health and fitness


how to lose weight  and Slimming down is mostly about burning off calories. So, you need to shed additional calories that you take in daily. You can do this by the reduction of your own ingestion of them by selecting your food and beverages with care, and through losing calories simply by regular activities and workout routines like exercise and drink a water. If you are looking for some wonderful ideas on exactly how you can easily improve your health and fitness, then look no additional. This article is Complete solution loaded with fantastic information, point and ideas on ways that you can include even more fitness minded tasks and routines into your day and your life.

Weight loss down also requires a Diet plan and a good one for a weekly days and routine. This is usually a bit confusing considering that once you start searching for diet plans there is no shortage of them but we can’t trust that’s and not compromise because it`s risky and life is not a machine we practice is it so be carefully we follow the diet chart plan who we are satisfying already from others peoples experience,. It can be very perplexing to choose the one that suits you best. Thus, when you’re picking a plan think of several points to make sure it’s a Healthy Weight Loss Plan. There are particular things it should contain and when it doesn’t, you will know it isn’t the right program for you. It is very important that the diet plan comes with correct level of calories and nutrients healthy plan. This ensures that the diet plan is safe to comply for human health. The items in the diet must be ones you can agreeably consume. In this way, you can even stick to it long term very easily and stay constantly on it to take care of your weight. There should be different sorts of healthy foods to give all kinds of nutrition Vitamins. So the diet plan would include vegetables, fresh fruits, protein sources, reduced fat dairy products, etc. It would be great when you can still consume your much loved dishes or, at least, do not need numerous limitations on what to consume and what not to consume. It is then quicker to stick to your diet plan. So a wholesome fat loss program should always stick to your way of life. The availability of the items in your diet plan shouldn’t be a concern. In fact they must be as quickly available as possible so you do not feel lazy going to get them, and you are able to follow your balanced weight loss plan regularly.

healthy weight loss plans work best when you give a proper time to exercise and serious plan to maintain and loss your weight, There must be some type of usual physical activity within the plan. You may not just need to reduce calorie intake, you’ll also have to burn the current types to lose all that excess fat. You would definitely feel happy if everyone in your family maintains good health. Health is very unique and god gifted we can`t purchase by any amount of money so care about yourself, It is the duty of our to check the proper way is having food properly. There are men and women who not care about increasing fat food eat in quantity and increasing fat.

How can you live healthily :

How can you live healthily, and free from illness, virus infections and other ailments? Are medicines the best choice to keep away from the above ailments?

Many do face the ailments like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure levels and sexual ailments. Medicines alone wouldn’t be able to cure you of these ailments in time, as these get worse with time. So what is the best strategy to fight any of the above ailments? Well, my vote would be for Healthy Diet Plans. So, how can you get your diet planned in the best way? Count the number of people who are living healthy. Well you would be shocked to see the figures falling way below those of men living healthy.

Healthy weight loss in the long run. Find ways to combat stress and you’ll soon realise that your diet and exercise aren’t sabotaged anymore, and that you truly do see results. Look at yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, or simple hobbies like reading to fight stress.

your day will be dedicated to exercise, If you don’t do this now, your days will be rushed and unplanned, and you won’t be able to sustain your weight loss efforts.

This is quite often overlooked. Decide which part of your day will be dedicated to exercise, when in the week you will stock up on groceries, and when you will do the cooking – all within your current work and home life routine.

serving pizza in Islamabad since 1990


Pizza started fast food center in Pakistan in different cities. he first Pizza hotel opened up in Karachi and Islamabad in the late 1980s, with serving pizza in Islamabad since 1990. Pizza has gained a measure of popularity in the eastern regions of Pakistan—namely, the provinces of Sindh, Punjab, and Azad Kashmir, as well as the autonomous territory of Gilgit-Baltistan. Pizza has not penetrated into western Pakistan; of the remaining provinces and territories of Pakistan, only one (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has seen much of the dish, in the form of a single Pizza Hut in Peshawar  In the regions where pizza is known, spicy chicken and sausage-based pizzas are very popular, as they cater to the local palate. now days pizza restaurant offered different type and taste pizza recipes offered and available in Pakistan like bbq, chicken and others type recipes of pizza available in Pakistan,


Pizza types :

Pizza recipes and food center  originaly belong from Italy and now all around the world simply we buy and eat it Asian pizza (pizza Recipe): Authentic Asian pizzas are typically made with tomatoes and cheese. They can be made with ingredients like tomatoes, (this type of pizza protected with its own European protected designation of origin)made with the milk from water buffalo raised in the Sindh and punjab of Campania  in a state of pakistan.

On 9 December 2009, the European Union, upon Italian request, granted Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) safeguard to traditional Neapolitan pizza, in particular to Marguerite and Marinara. The European Union enacted a protected designation of origin system in the 1990s.

Pizza in south Asian Style way :

Pizza in south asia pizza recipe often has vegetable oil or shortening (often, but not always, olive oil) mixed into the dough; this is not as common in Italian recipes (for example, the pizza dough recipe in the influential Italian cookbook Il cucchiaio d’argento does not use oil). This can range from a small amount in relatively lean doughs, such as Karachi style, to a very large amount in some recipes for Lahor-style deep-dish dough. In addition, Pakistani pizza (at least thin-crust) is often made with a very high-gluten flour (often 13–14% protein content) of the type also used to make bagels; this type of flour allows the dough to be stretched rather thinly without tearing, similar to strudel or phyllo .Old Forge-style pizza is a thin rectangular pizza popular in North pakistani era.Although similar to Sicilian, Old Forge style pizza is made with a distinctive creamy cheese resembling Sindh punjab. While Old Forge style pizza is most prominent in the town Old Forge, the pizza style is increasingly available throughout eastern.