Very Popular Chota Bheem

Though Pogo was popular during the time, Chota Bheem was launched. In terms associated with ranking, the channel ended up being third or fourth based on a particular week’s effectiveness. Cartoon Network was the first choice in the youngsters programming genre. Nickelodeon wasn’t distributed well, hence the channel had limited reach then Disney launched its kids channels. There was not any dearth of content where the kids variety was considered. But within two . 5 years of starting chota Bheem cartoon and chota bheem games, Pogo became the number one channel. The show that is now a franchisee provided a big boost to Pogo and also helped us to beat additional channels including Cartoon Network to become number one.

Chota bheem
Children Loves Chota Bheem:
The residents of Dholakpur really are a resilient lot. They regularly brave challenges, robbers, evil wrestlers and several other calamities, big and also small. They employ a timid, but benevolent full in Raja Indraverma plus a beautiful princess within Indumati. And naturally, they have Bheem because of whom they come out unscathed from several assaults.

Bheem is the particular nine-year-old protagonist associated with Pogo TV’s very successful animated display Chhota Bheem of which runs for 4-6 hours every day time. Created by Rajiv Chilaka’s Natural Gold Animation, 130 episodes have been shot and on an average one completely new episode is released weekly. The show provides beaten Disney’s Doraemon for you to emerge as the number one show on youngsters channels in The indian subcontinent, consistently averaging a TV rating associated with over 1. This animated movie, Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan, released in May 2012, has grossed all around Rs 5 crores.

Launched in 2008, Bheem is easily typically the most popular and bankable character to emerge from the Green Precious metal stable. Run by Chilaka, 38, who holds a master’s degree within computer science through the University of Missouri, Green Gold is one of the few animation properties in India which includes tasted success with this sort. You can not miss Bheem these days. He is in every spot of which kids frequent. His face arises on apparel, classes products, comics and will start popping on fans, umbrellas and biscuits too.

Chilaka knew he to expand the particular brand beyond TV SET if he wanted becoming a serious player within the Indian animation circuit. But he necessary a compelling character to market. He couldn’t do that with “Krishna Balram”. We could not set Krishna on shorts and baniyans. The goods model wasn’t workable to be able show.  He try and success to generate a new character. India lucky to willing to accept a brand new superhero. It needed to be someone from mythology but additionally someone who ended up being secular peoples ,  he / she says. And so Bheem was given birth to. Within eight many weeks of Bheem’s debut upon TV, Bheem comics, Dvds and apparel struck the streets. Green Gold had a straightforward logic. Children just weren’t going to obsess concerning their favourite character should they didn’t see him everywhere they gone.

Siblings Rahul, 7 and also Asha Bharti, 5, through Mumbai own Bheem bed-covers, comics, t shirts, shorts et ‘s. Their mother Shubha claims, “It’s tiring cartoon . I have to look for anything completely new every time in this cartoon. God forbid, should they see some other kid which has a Bheem T-shirt primary, they throw tantrums. ”


Twenty stores in the united states sell Bheem clothing, school kits, invitations, apparel and accessories. Twelve of those people stores are franchisees and the rest are company-owned and also operated. Pepsi uses Bheem to market Notty, its vitality drink for youngsters. Usha Fans are going to be using Bheem to launch a brand new range shortly and also John’s Umbrellas provides started using Bheem seeing that its mascot with regard to rainwear. Talks are upon for Bheem biscuits as well as ladoos which include strength for Bheem. Ladoos is to this generation associated with Indian kids what Popeye and spinach were for a lot of kids in a youthful time.

Chilaka thinks that Bheem could be India’s equivalent for you to Mickey Mouse. “How many kids today have watch a Mickey Mouse button cartoon after the lunch of chota bheem? Hardly virtually any. But all of which buy Mickey items. That’s what could happen with Bheem too. ” Forty percent of Bheem’s revenues are produced by merchandising and licensing. Unofficial quotes say Bheem rakes within Rs 15 crore with regard to Green Gold.

What’s the real reason for Bheem’s popularity we cannot compare Kids says about this character just like superheroes, they feel he’s their personal superman. You either need to have humour or super-powers to produce kids love people. And Bheem really does that, ” claims Piyush Pandey, exec chairman and national creative director very talented guy one and only, Ogilvy & Mather.

Another aspect for you to Bheem’s success is how a broadcasting model works in India. It’s no secret that this animation quality within Bheem is nowhere as effective as animated shows within the West popular. The broadcasting model this is largely ad-supported and famous, ” claims Krishna Desai, overseer, content, South Asian countries, Turner International The Indian subcontinent region. “There’s hardly virtually any revenue from ongoing but not at easy task. We can’t create GE a higher level content. What you are generally left to capitalise on is the belief that your target audience will have a churn associated with four to all 5 years only. Using this method you keep getting new kids that will come back watching cartoon the movies in cinemas,

The churn is both an asset plus a liability for Bheem. You will find there’s possibility that all 5 years from right now, kids won’t just like Bheem. “Right now Chhota Bheem is riding about the peak of its popularity. The peak are going to be there for two to three years more, ” claims Chilaka. But does that mean goodbye to Bheem is actually that to Green Gold too? Hardly.

Green Gold has generated quite a substantial distribution chain and controls almost done and doing good. “We sending our merchandise to multi huge brand retailers including Reliance Full price. Indian retail is disorganised. When almost all of it is ordered, we won’t must start from the start then, ” claims Chilaka. “If we assume that some new company comes out of nowhere and has a big struck we will support them with our merchandising and licensing expertise. ”


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