Gajar ka halwa recipe in urdu These includes Sugar Free Gajar ka Halwa,

Sweet Dessert Gajar ka halwa :

Gajar ka halwa recipe in urdu These includes Sugar Free Gajar ka Halwa, Carrot-Papaya Halwa, Red Velvet Carrot Halwa, Carrot and Beetroot Halwa, cheese Gajar ka halwa, Khajur Gajar ka Halwa and Carrot Dessert.very high demand in when rainy or cold weather its very healthy for life.

Start prepare Gajar ka halwa There are many variations of Gajar ka Halwa lal Gajar ka halwa but the main ingredients are freshly grated carrots, milk, sugar and ghee. The quantity and quality may vary according to personal taste. In the sugar free variant, sugar will be excluded from the recipe.For cooking of Gajar ka halwa, a cooker is best but also we use kadai are usually preferred. First of all carrots must be grated and then dried before cooking and washed with water. Then the grated carrot is put in a heated pan with a specific amount of milk or khoya and sugar. After stirring for 4–5 minutes, roughly chopped cashew nuts are added and 10–15 minutes later a specific amount of pure ghee is added.Finally it is often served with a garnish of almonds and pistachios. Gajar ka Halwa is a light and popular dessert in most regions of South asia and include India and appreciated worldwide. Regional/seasonal ingredients are often added to the dish which leads its many variations. I have other idea to make sugar Free Gajar ka Halwa is prepare for diabetic patient  nothing but a sugar free variation of the traditional Gajar ka Halwa. The idea to make it sugar-free was developed because there are a large number of diet conscious diabeticsin Indiaand world over preferring to avoid/reduce sugar in their dietIn this variation of Gajar ka Halwa if they eaten gajar ka halwa with sugar then they got a problem with his health that’s why sugar is removed from the recipe and some more milk is added while the quantity of other contents remains the same. It takes only three-forths of the time to prepare compared to traditional Gajar ka Halwa.

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Other recipes of Carrot :

Carrot-Papaya Halwa equal amounts of carrot and papaya are used. First  a mixture of carrot and papaya scrapings is prepared. This mixture is fried in a kadai or a cooker with ghee for about 5 minutes. The rest of the process is same as the basic recipe. This recipe has become popular lately because papaya is added to it which provides a different flavor and taste compared to the regular Gajar ka halwa.[20] Red Velvet carrot Halwa is another famous variation of the Gajar ka Halwa. It is made by heating a comparatively large amount of milk cream along with carrots, sugar, rose water and saffron over low flame. Red Velvet Carrot Halwa is also a vary good source of Vitamin A and Calcium. The Gajar ka Halwa is prepared traditionally in Indian Kadai. Jaipur, Hyderabad and Mumbai are Indian cities famous for good varieties of Gajar ka Halwa.


Carrot and Beetroot Halwa, Cheese Gajar ka halwa, Khajur Gajar ka Halwa and Carrot Dessert are the other variations of Gajar ka Halwa. In public awareness these variations are less popular comparative to traditional Gajar ka Halwa. All of these variations are differently popular based upon regional/personal preferences. In the Carrot and beetroot Halwa, specific amounts of grated beetroot is added to grated carrots and this mixture is heated in a kadai on a low flame and further a specific amount of mava and sugar per choice is added to it. After 30 minutes of stirring and cooking, Carrot and Beetroot Halwa is ready to be served. Cheese Gajar ka Halwa is prepared with a combination of Purple carrots and Ricotta Cheese. This dish is popular in northern India because purple carrots are mostly grown there.